April 25, 2013 - ABCS acquires latest Trimble R10 GPS Equipment

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Today we are pleased to announce that ABCS has acquired a Trimble R10 Global Positioning Receiver and a TSC3 Data Collector. The Trimble R10 is the latest receiver in a long line of Trimble Products specifically engineered for Land Surveying. More information about the R10 can be seen by visiting Trimble’s Website. Also obtained was the latest Data Collector, the TSC3. Product information on that unit can be found HERE.

Both these products will allow us to continue to provide our customers with surveying services that are precise, but timely. The Trimble R10 provides a more precise position, in less time, and under a wider variety of demanding conditions than it’s predecessors. Coupling this time saving unit, with a Data Collector that has received updated hardware, makes the system a good choice for us to insure we give our clients the services they need, when they need them.

This is high tech gear that with proper training can allow today’s surveyors to get more done, in less time, and in a more precise fashion.

We look forward to showing you how it works on your next project.