Record of Survey

A Record of Survey is a map that is prepared to depict the result of a particular survey. This map, while not mandated in certain areas, is typically recorded with the County Recorders Office in which the parcel of land is situated. Once recorded, the map serves as constructive notice that the survey was performed by a licensed surveyor and any surveyors working within or near the surveyed parcel must rely on it for future surveys.

In the case of a Boundary Survey, this map includes but is not limited to, depicting the deed described property lines, bearings and distances around the perimeter of the boundary, the monuments that were set or recovered at the property corners, monuments that were found and relied upon (Controlling Monuments) to perform the survey, a Basis of Bearings statement, notes explaining the Surveyors decisions regarding any discrepancies, and most importantly, a certificate signed and sealed by the Licensed Land Surveyor in responsible charge of the work explaining the purpose of the survey as well as the accuracy standards adhered to in accomplishing it. This map can also represent the location of any easements that affect the subject property. If there is a need for a Land Surveyor to locate easements, a title report of the property should be provided by the client.

While a Boundary Survey is the most prevalent reason to prepare and file a Record of Survey, any information such as, topographic site features, easements, or proposed development, in relationship to a boundary line can be included.