Mining Claim Survey

If you are a prospector, the Land Surveyor, while not mandated, can assist you in mathematically locating your claim, preparing any required maps or sketches and setting monuments to mark the claim on the ground. Each State has varying rules and regulations but most of the governing requirements come from the United States Government Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Prospectors typically understand what is required in their particular area but if you find the need for clarification on any of the following, the Land Surveyor can help.

1) Is the Land open to Prospecting?

Before staking a Claim, the prospector must determine if the land is open for prospecting. Using maps, plans, GIS and other forms of available data the Land Surveyor can assist in determining if the claim area is within an open prospecting area.

2) Verification of Land Ownership

The prospector must determine if the land on which the claim is located is held publicly or privately. If on private land, additional permission from the property owner is required. Again, the Land Surveyor can assist in making this determination.

3) Is the land already claimed?

As with the above, the Surveyor can help the prospector insure that the location of the proposed claim has not been previously claimed by another prospector. This is done by researching prior records, maps, documents and perhaps even through the use of collected field evidence.

4) Staking a Claim

Once a mineral deposit has been discovered, land ownership has been verified, and it has been determined that the land is not already claimed, a prospector can stake a claim. When staking a claim on federal lands, location posts or rock monuments are placed at each corner of the claim. A location notice must be placed on one of the corner markers. Location notices contain the following information: (1) date of location, (2) name of locator, (3) name of claim or property, (4) type of claim, (5) acreage claimed, and (6) description of parcel of ground. A copy of the claim notice must be filed with the BLM within 90 days and typically also with the County recorders office. The Land Surveyor is well qualified to assist with all of these details.