Land Survey Plat

For our Colorado Clients we offer the Land Survey Plat (LSP) which is a plat that shows the information developed by a monumented land survey and includes all information required by section 38-51-106 of the Colorado Revised Statutes:

38-51-106. Land survey plats.

(1) All land survey plats shall include but shall not be limited to the following:

(a) A scale drawing of the boundaries of the land parcel;

(b) (I) All recorded and apparent rights-of-way and easements, and, if research for recorded rights-of-way and easements is done by someone other than the professional land surveyor who prepares the plat, the source from which such recorded rights-of-way and easements were obtained; or

(II) If the client wishes not to show rights-of-way and easements on the land survey plat, a statement that such client did not want rights-of-way and easements shown;

(c) All dimensions necessary to establish the boundaries in the field;

(d) A statement by the professional land surveyor that the survey was performed by such surveyor or under such surveyor's responsible charge;

(e) A statement by the professional land surveyor explaining how bearings, if used, were determined;

(f) A description of all monuments, both found and set, which mark the boundaries of the property and of all control monuments used in conducting the survey;

(g) A statement of the scale or representative fraction of the drawing, and a bar-type or graphical scale;

(h) A north arrow;

(i) A written property description, which shall include but shall not be limited to a reference to the county and state together with the section, township, range, and principal meridian or established subdivision, block and lot number, or any other method of describing the land as established by the general land office or bureau of land management;

(j) The signature and seal of the professional land surveyor; and

(k) Any conflicting boundary evidence.

This plat that is also prepared when performing a monumented land survey on a parcel of land that is located in a platted subdivision that was filed over 20 years ago (as pursuant to Colorado Revised Statute 38-51-107) or on a parcel of un-platted land.

This plat is recorded at the appropriate County or City Clerk and Recorder's office. The purposes of recording this plat is to provide survey data for subsequent land surveys as well as make the results of the monumented land survey a matter of public record, which may help to protect the property owner’s interests in the property.