Commercial Plats

A Commercial Plat is typically the same as a Subdivision Plat but is generally used strictly for the creation of smaller Commercial Parcels for sale or lease. As with a Subdivision Plat, the Commercial plat will define the parcels, roads easements, etc., that comprise the subdivision. Additional information pertaining solely to commercial property development may also be included such as but not limited to, parking lots, sidewalks, signage locations, common use areas, landscaping areas and other "Common" areas that will be available for use by all or some of the individual owners.

While approval of a standard Subdivision Plat typically mandates that the individual lots be built upon and sold as a complete homesite, commercial plats usually offer more flexibility allowing the owner or developer to build upon the lots as buyers become available to purchase or lease particular spaces. Depending on the governing body in which the subdivision is located, it may also be possible to configure the future sites to "fit" a prospective buyer. This can be done as easily as creating a description and a map of the new parcel and depicting how it fits together with previously conveyed parcels. The new description and map is then recorded and referenced to create a deed description allowing the parcel to be sold or leased.

As with a standard Subdivision Plat, there will be considerations such as governing body requirements and perhaps the need for assistance from additional design professionals. We can assist you in determining these requirements and recommend additional professionals as may be required.