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Are you Buying a House?

Before closing on a new house we recommend that you have the property boundaries surveyed. Even if there is a fence or wall constructed around the perimeter, that doesn't assure you that it follows the property line. We would hate to see you move in only to find that your new fence or other items on your property "Encroach" onto your new neighbors land. You would be responsible for the cost of relocating these features and it is safe to assume that these costs would far out weight the cost of the Survey. You may even be able to get the seller to agree to pay for all or a part of the Survey

Are you having a dispute with your neighbor regarding your property line?

As unfortunate as it is, sometimes people just can't get along. One of the most prevalent issues surrounding today's property owners is disputes with their neighbors over property line locations. If these issues have caused you sleepless nights, we can help straighten things out. Let us help you find out exactly where that property line is located and work with you and your neighbor to resolve the issues. While we can't guarantee that the matter will be resolved in your favor, we promise to act in the best interest of both parties and will make every attempt to help you reach a mutual resolution.

Are you Building a Fence?

Before building a new fence we recommend that you have the property boundaries surveyed. When homeowners want to have a fence put in, having the land surveyed is necessary to determine the boundary of their property. Without a proper boundary survey, the fence may encroach on a neighbor's yard. This can result in neighborly disputes, costly fence re-installation, and even legal issues. By using a qualified land surveyor, homeowners can avoid these hassles.

Are you planning construction?

The high costs of construction materials should be reason enough to get a survey before beginning a project. A survey assures you that your new improvements are being built within your property boundaries. Be sure that your structure is in compliance to local government-required building setbacks. Do not depend on your building contractor to determine your building location in relation to your lot lines unless you are very sure where they are. Contractors are not surveyors!.

Are you selling your property?

Providing your realtor with a current survey will definitely improve your chances for a quick, trouble-free transaction. Often, buyers make offers contingent on a survey. This not only adds time to the situation but if any problems arise as a result of the survey, you may lose a good, qualified buyer. Knowing the accurate locations of the property boundaries will also make for a much better presentation by your agent when showing the property.

Do you have legal access into your property?

Legal road access is another area that often arises during a real estate transfer. Our area is integrated with all types of road corridors going in and out of rural parcels. These roads often cross adjoining parcels and may or may not have a legal easement to do so. Easements, when written properly, identify centerline location, width, grantor, grantee, transfer rights, and uses. Attorneys and/or title companies will take a very close look at this when interpreting marketability of title.

Are there Encroachments onto your Property?

As people build, remodel and expand, the possibilities of building on your neighbor's property of your neighbor building on your increases. If you suspect the location of your adjoiner's improvements there is only one way to prove it: get a survey. Suspicion carries no weight in land boundary disputes. A certified survey showing the locations of the trespass in relation to the boundary is the first step toward resolution.

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