Licensed in Colorado and Nevada, Absolute Boundary & Control Solutions, ABCS, was founded in 2005 by Craig A. Givant, PLS. The Business Plan formulated for this company was one of providing high quality services at competitive prices by keeping overhead low and streamlining procedures to insure efficiency. This plan is further explained as follows:

ABCS is a family owned and operated business which is operated out of the owners home. We do not have a fancy office, large administrative staff or many employees and operate under the premise that we would rather turn away work and provide high quality, "personalized" service than attempt to capture a "market share" of any available work.

ABCS has acquired the latest in electronic equipment including Global Positioning System's (GPS) and Robotic Total Station technology. As most of this equipment can be utilized with as few as one person, it allows us to keep our staff to a minimum while insuring that any work performed is done so in strict accordance with the accuracy specifications for a particular project. In a majority of cases, a Professional Land Surveyor (PLS) works directly on these projects and supervises the work from start to finish. This alleviates the need for communication between field and office personnel which is one of the most prevalent issues affecting efficiency at today's larger firms.

Mr. Givant, has over twenty four years of Land Surveying experience and offers a broad range of both field and office expertise. He has an extensive background in computer and electronic technology which has aided him in establishing procedures which have proven to keep projects on time, within budget, and up to date with the latest in digital solutions.

Prior to forming Absolute Boundary and Control Solutions, Mr. Givant served as Vice President for one of Nevada’s largest “survey only” firms. At this firm his responsibilities included the supervision of large scale Geodetic Control Surveys, Boundary Surveys, Photogrammetric Control Surveys, Topographic Surveys and Construction Surveys. These Surveys were performed on behalf of clients ranging from Private home owners to large scale Government Contractors and all project aspects from initial contracts to final deliverables were overseen directly by Craig.

On larger projects Craig was tasked with developing, reviewing and maintaining intricate security and training procedures which included Health and Safety plans, Counterintelligence Training, Work Control Procedures, as well as all associated client reporting to assure personnel compliance.
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